Training never ends

Recreational courses 

SNORKELING: Start your adventure! With this course you will learn in a simple and fun way the techniques to observe the submarine environment in safety using mask, fins and snorkel. 

SCUBA EXPERIENCE: Discover the thrill of diving with the tanks in complete safety.

SCUBA DIVER: Get closer to diving with the first dives in open water. At the end of the Scuba Diver course you can dive accompanied by a professional within a depth of 12 meters. 

OPEN WATER DIVER: The Open Water Diver is the beginning of a journey that will not cease to fascinate you. 18-meter depth goal, safety and sharing with the diving companions. Junior programs exist for the little ones. 

ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER: Natural evolution of the Open Water Diver, will further enrich your training and diving experience for dives up to 30 meters. You will take part in exciting diving experiences such as night diving, deep diving, wreck diving, use of the underwater compass, recognition of marine life, improvement of the structure. 

RESCUE DIVER: Reserved for those already in possession of the BLS patent - First Aid and Advanced. The course will implement the knowledge to prevent some problematic situations and in case of need assist and assist other divers.

 Specialty courses

NIGHT DIVER: Discover the wonders of nocturnal marine life. 

NITROX DIVER: For longer and fun dives. 

NAVIGATION: To improve your underwater orientation skills. 

SEARCH AND RECOVERY: Underwater orientation aimed at identifying and recovering objects from the seabed even with the use of special techniques and lifting balls. 

DRY SUIT: Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of diving in winter or under the ice. Learn to use your dry suit safely. 

WRECK DIVING: For adventurous explorations of submerged wrecks. 

DEEP DIVER (- 40mt): To immerse yourself in total safety even at greater depths. 

NATURALIST DIVER: To increase knowledge on marine flora and fauna. 

ADVANCED BUOYANCY DIVER: To have a perfect set-up.

Emergency courses 

BLS - FIRST AID: This course is also open to non-divers and teaches the techniques to provide first aid in case of need. 

BLSD: What has already been learned with the BLS - FIRST AID course is the use of the defibrillator (a course also open to non-divers). 

OXYGEN PROVIDER: Specialty course aimed at teaching oxygen delivery techniques in first aid. Also open to non-divers.

Professional courses

DIVEMASTER: With this course the exciting journey begins in the professional activity. The Divemaster is prepared to guide groups of licensed divers and assist instructors during recreational and educational dives. Among the pre-requisites 60 registered dives and the Bls - First Aid, Rescue Diver and Oxygen provider patents. 

INSTRUCTOR ASSISTANT: The NADD Assistant Instructor course is the first level that brings those who have already qualified as Divemasters to the teaching world. Among the pre-requisites 80 registered dives (of which at least 10 carried out in the role of Divemaster after obtaining the relevant patent) and the patents Bls - First Aid and Oxygen provider. 

H2O Scuba Team is also an HSA training center for teaching and disseminating underwater sports to people with disabilities. 

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